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With Weight Away, you can follow one of two packages – designed to fit your individual needs 
and budget: 
Both of these plans will take into account your personal circumstances and preferences and are suitable even if you are: 
Cooking for a family 
Allergic to certain foods 
Suffering with IBS or coeliac disease 
On a tight food budget 
Working full time, with little time to prepare meals 
Able to prepare fresh, balanced recipes from scratch 
The Nourish Plan includes: 
Diet analysis and assessment 
A tailored food plan with unique meal choices 
A personal snack selection based on foods you love 
Weekly weight tracking 
Monthly measurements tracking 
An additional recipe suggestion each week 
If you are in the right place mentally to make the changes you need, this plan can help you. There are no public meetings, queuing up to be weighed or generic advice from a group leader who hasn’t recognised your unique needs. Nor is there any promotion of food replacements or branded processed products. 
At a monthly cost of £9.99 
The Nurture Plan includes: 
Everything in the Profile Plan - plus 
On-going personal support from a weight-loss coach 
The coaching element in the Nurture Plan is proven to help people achieve better weight loss. Together with your coach, you will identify and banish the emotional triggers that lead to negative patterns of behaviour. It is often the behaviour that has added to your weight issues. 
The plan includes a monthly one-to-one coaching session and additional, regular email support. This support comes from the empathy of knowing the hurdles you face – and will never be patronising or judgemental. It allows you to tackle issues head on, preventing you from straying from your course. 
It doesn’t matter how many times you have tried to lose weight before, the key to unlocking your diet success is in this very personal support. 
We anticipate that one coaching session a month can keep you heading in the right direction, but where needed, extra sessions can be arranged for an additional cost by agreement with your personal weight loss coach. 
The means of communication can also tailored to best fit 
your needs – Skype, face-to-face or by phone. It’s all about making it easy for you. Available internationally if you are English Speaking 
At a monthly cost of £49.99 

Did you know...? 

A gram of fat is 9 calories whereas a gram of protein or carbohydrate is 4 calories 
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