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Diet Analysis 
and Assessment 

None of us can shape our future without understanding the present. 
Diet Analysis 
When you first approach Weight Away, we will ask you to keep a frank (and we do mean frank!) food diary 
for one week, so that we can analyse what you are eating and when . . . which will help us analyse the all 
important why. 
This information forms the basis for your future plan. 
Please note – it is not a test, or a chance to criticise your eating habits. This is the Weight Away way – and in our opinion the only way - to help you build a more healthy future. 
By providing us with some basic information about your age, height and current weight, we will assess your 
BMI and your BMR. 
This is your Body Mass Index and your Basal Metabolic Rate. 
Don’t get caught up in the diet jargon - this simply helps us calculate a daily calorie allowance that will get results. The tailored plan will ensure you lose a healthy and sustainable amount of weight each week – usually between one and two pounds. 
If you follow the plan for a month, you will see how possible – and even easy - it is to continue. By designing it around you, around what you like and don’t like, and around how you live, it will already feel like your ‘normal’. This will help you follow it without thinking of it as a diet, and it will change your eating habits for life. 
This is the secret to avoiding the pitfalls of yo-yo dieting, losing the weight only to pile the pounds back on again. You will have learnt to balance your food. 
Cooking for a family 
Allergic to certain foods 
Suffering with IBS or coeliac disease 
On a tight food budget 
Working full time, with little time to prepare meals 
Able to prepare fresh, balanced recipes from scratch 

Did you know...? 

It is dangerous and unhealthy to lose more than 2lb per week on average 
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